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Simple tips to prep your home for sale

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Thinking of putting your home on the market?

Some quick, simple and inexpensive tips to make your home look inviting and elegant.

Room by Room Walk Through

Start with a room by room tour, begin the task of decluttering each and every space.

Remember, the less is more rule, even if the rooms look bare, that's fine.

Best to have a clear space which looks elegant than a room full of clutter with odds and ends collected over the years.

Add little touches here and there

Once all the excess has been removed, try adding little touches here and there, like plants or vases, new curtains, pillows and throws.

These are inexpensive items to purchase, get to your local area and find the latest color trends and items and add little pieces throughout the rooms.

The few extra dollars spent will make your home look elegant and fashionable.

#bareisbeautiful #declutter

Avoid funky colors

Appeal to the masses by choosing simple colors that don't distract potential buyers from imaging themselves living in the home. When in doubt, go with white or very light neutral tones. See some samples below from Benjamin Moore's most popular neutral colors list below for some inspirations.

Most popular Neutral paint colors
Most Popular neutral paint colors for your home decor

Happy Decorating!

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